If you're planning to rent a luxury car on your upcoming US business trip, there will be many places to go and fleets to choose from. And as you know, a luxury car rental is not cheap. However, if you know the tricks, it can be easy to get significant discounts on your booking.

First of all, if you want to get a more affordable luxury car rental, online shopping is the best. You can choose from a whole line of travel sites or websites that are particularly dedicated to luxury car rentals. You can even just Google your way around and you're sure to find something. 

Another way to get a cheaper rate on a is to prepay your booking or pay as you pick up the vehicle. Prepaying can fetch you a really attractive discount, but don't forget to read through the cancellation terms. You need room to terminate the deal without hassle, just in case you have a change of plans or you actually get a more irresistible offer.

If you think only the big names in the car rental industry are worth checking out, you're wrong. Even the smaller ones can be very competitive in all aspects, including price. In fact, if you go with a local company, you can get up to 50% off, even if you choose one that is connected with one of the big boys. But since the smaller agencies are less popular, you may have to search for online reviews to help you pick the best.

Another way of getting a discount on your US luxury car service is simply being a member of organizations, whether sports, civic, etc. Members usually get perks like being able to use a child seat for free. Certain big credit card companies also offer their clients car rental discounts.

As with booking flights or accommodation, booking a luxury car rental also becomes cheaper during the weekend, although you can still get a good deal if they give you the weekly rate. But be prepared for hefty fees if you ever change your plans in the middle of the trip and decide to return the car earlier than planned.

You may have to pay for an entire extra day even if you're slightly late at drop-off. There are also companies that will charge an additional fee for an early drop-off. Or your weekly rate discount could be voided, giving you no choice but to pay the daily rental rate, which is definitely higher.

Finally, know that you will have to pay about $10 to $30 (or even more) daily for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), theft, and the rest. If you don't have any other option, just go for CDW, but make sure you're not already covered by your own car insurance. 


Before you pick up the car, take a minute to examine it carefully. If you find any scrapes, dings, stains, etc., make sure you take close-up photos of them on your smartphone or any digital camera, preferably with a date stamp. This will help you prove that the damages or defects were already there before you picked up the vehicle.